The Boulder Boyz know that the greatest antidote to feelings of irritation, frustration and defeat is a little time with your bestie.

Next time you feel your fuse growing short (and we all do!), opt for some exercise. Coincidently enough, working out at places like Boulder Field helps you work out feelings as well as muscles, and helps get rid of excess energy triggered by destructive emotions. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to think through difficult problems — especially if you’re favorite sidekick is there exercising right beside you.

What’s more, even intermittent outdoor exercise can help prevent feelings of anger, frustration and defeat before get they even happen. It turns out that a little exercise may go a long way before studying for a difficult exam, a rough day of work or a touchy conversation. Take that, StressMonster!



Exercise is great; exercise in nature is even better. Because outdoor physical activity reduces stress beyond that of exercise alone, local parks and trails are great places to fight the StressMonster.

Any amount of exercise is better than none. Just hiking once a week or walking ten minutes a day can reduce stress – especially if you’re starting from zero.

Outdoor physical activity doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient. You can find opportunities to fight the StressMonster outside every day by walking across the park, taking the long route, or parking the car farther away.

Sometimes exercise isn’t enough. Know when you should seek help. The StressMonster is a formidable foe, and sometimes we need the extra help of a health professional for our mental health, just like we sometimes the assistance of doctors for our physical health.


Fight the StressMonster!


Fight the StressMonster at Boulder Field: